St. Norbert Continues Virtue-Based Discipline Initiative

Post date: Sep 6, 2013 1:39:16 PM

This year we continue to implement the Virtue-Based Restorative Discipline™ program. This initiative is a Catholic response to bullying prevention, and has two goals: decrease anti-social behavior and increase faith practices. In the VBRD™ model, we see misbehavior in the context of the whole child both at home and at school. This will not replace our current discipline policy, but rather build upon what we have so as to provide a stronger connection to our faith teaching in assuring that love

of God and one another is reflected in our discipline practices. Last year we focused on the virtue of Kindness. This year we have chosen to focus on one virtue per quarter; those being, Unity, Patience, Forgiveness, and Compassion. We are also encouraging all in the school community – students, parents, and teachers – to reflect on the virtues and pick one to reflect on this year.

Mrs. Pam Gilbert, Principal, St. Norbert Catholic School