St. Angela Merici Middle School Students Reflect on Lives Lost to Abortion

Post date: Oct 22, 2013 5:24:37 PM

St. Angela Merici middle school students "planted" 140 white crosses on the front lawn of their school and parish to commemorate the human lives lost to abortion every hour. When the students returned to class, Mrs. Butler had them write a poem concerning the experience of the morning. The following are some examples of a few of the poems the students wrote:

Abortion is sad because of all the babies that could have been born,

Leaving so many broken families left to mourn.

A baby is a beautiful gift from God,

The kind that makes you stand up and applaud.

Abortion is cruel,

And totally not cool.

Abortion should not happen,

It is a topic that will greatly sadden. by Alle H.

God is Good.

Abortion is so awful

It makes me feel sorrowful

To know lives are lost

140 babies killed in an hour-isn't that terrible?

So let's educate girls across the country

And pray that they make the right decision.

A life is irreplaceable! Kyndall O.