School News: Sacred Heart Begins Middle School Advisory Program

Post date: Sep 9, 2011 6:34:14 PM

In an effort to advance Archbishop Carlson’s Alive in Christ initiative the middle school (grades 6-8), students of Sacred Heart have begun a program designed to celebrate the uniqueness of each individual as a child of God, while fostering a greater sense of community within the middle school. Using the popular character formation program “Top 20” as a foundation, students will be separated into eight, mixed grade level, advisory groups facilitated by one of the six middle school teachers, Mrs. Gieseke the school’s Learning Consultant, and Ms. Vollmer the school’s Principal.

Each Monday students will separate into their advisory groups to discuss that week’s “Top 20” topic, any recent group or individual concerns that have developed, various study and time management skills, or current school wide activities.

The primary goal of the program is to remind each student that he or she is a part of a greater plan that God has set forth for each of us. God has created us as a communal people where our differences are assets to the greater whole. Instead of our students seeing themselves as our sixth, seventh, or eighth graders, it is the sincere desire of the middle school staff that our students see themselves as Sacred Heart’s Middle School.