Sacred Heart Ends School Year with Visit from Catholic Musician

Post date: Jul 25, 2012 6:39:22 PM

On Friday, May 18th the students of Sacred Heart Catholic School in Florissant were treated with an “end of the year” concert by Catholic contemporary musician John Angotti. For nearly two hours John presented a message of hope, joy, and reconciliation in an upbeat and active musical presentation. The students participated by joining John in song, dance, and role playing. Angotti’s ministry focuses on bringing the living Eucharist and the celebration of the Mass to everyday life. Angotti noted, “if you don’t meet the kids, and their parents, where they are you might miss them.” Adding, “and if you miss them, someone else - or something else - will grab them.”

John used his own life experiences to make a connection between the love and mercy of God and the happiness that comes with having an active life in God. For a time, John struggled with who God was calling him to be as he fell away from the Church while touring with a “rock-n-roll band.” He recounted how God worked in his life to draw him into Mass one Sunday in a parish where the music ministry was clearly struggling. John offered his services and since then has devoted his life to traveling the country presented the Gospel to parishes, students, and educators.

To listen to and watch John in action visit YouTube and search John Angotti or for more information visit