Sacred Heart Collects "Cans for Christ"

Post date: Oct 22, 2013 7:13:58 PM

All Sacred Heart Middle School classes are participating in our Cans for Christ project throughout the month of November. Students are being asked to purchase, or work for food items, which will be gifted to TEAM at the end of the month. The items are to be gifts from the students themselves, not from their parents. Our goal is 440 items, which comes to one item per week, per student. The hungry people of the area though, will benefit even more when we exceed our goal!

In eighth grade religion classes, Mr. Miloscia is working on apologetics. He is making use of the YOUCAT books in his classes. We are continuing our work on the growth of Christianity with lessons on conflicts and Church Councils, division in the Church and reconciliation, Canon Law and Natural Law. Discipleship will be made evident in our Cans for Christ. We will conclude this unit with a discussion on the Eastern church and the creation of our own icons. Our Confirmation work will settle around a study of the Saints and choosing our patrons for that Sacrament.

Seventh grade religion classes are discussing in our new unit, vocations of service in the Sacraments of Holy Orders and Matrimony. Through living Christ’s command to love, we will develop an awareness of human suffering and ways we have to alleviate that injustice.