Fr. Nick Winker Receives 30 Leaders in Their Thirties Award

Post date: Nov 3, 2017 3:53:19 PM

This week, Fr. Nick Winker was recognized as one of North County Inc.'s 30 Leaders in their Thirties. Each year, the regional development organization invites nominations from the north county community for young professionals who are making a difference. Fr. Nick certainly makes a difference for the parishioners at St. Ann Catholic Church, leading their parish and school with energy and compassion. Recently he led the installation of new LED lighting in the school building. Not only does the new lighting save energy, money and provides a better look, but the classrooms are now equipped with cutting-edge lights that are dimmable and they can change their color temperature. The hue of the light in a classroom can now be adjusted from hospital bright white to a much softer yellow fireside glow light. Natural human biorhythms are informed by the color of the light around us, which means brightness and temperature of the light affect how we feel. Teachers now have the ability to use the light to help inform the students' bodies as well as their minds of the appropriate attitude and energy level for the task at hand.