Federation's Director of Advancement to Receive Leadership Award

Post date: Aug 24, 2011 3:24:06 PM

Cara Koen, Director of Advancement for the Northeast Deanery Federation of Catholic Schools, has been chosen by North County Incorporated as an outstanding community leader. Annually NCI recognizes 30 leaders in their thirties for making a significant positive impact on North St. Louis County through their profession and/or community involvement. Nominees work and/or live in North County. Typically out of their success or achievement they are reinvesting themselves to help create a more livable community. North County Incorporated is a regional development organization, which acts as a catalyst to define and advocate economic and community development. NCI was established in 1977.

Cara was born and raised in Florissant. She is a graduate of Incarnate Word Academy and holds a B.A. in Communications from St. Louis University. She has worked professionally as a marketing and communications consultant. She and her husband, Bryan, are now raising their three children in this community. She has served for five years on the Marketing and Enrollment Committee for St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Parish School. In January 2011 she was hired as the Director of

Advancement for the Northeast Deanery Federation of Catholic Schools. The Federation is a joint initiative of 11 parishes in support of 8 elementary schools. She is a member of the Federation's leadership team with responsibilities in the areas of administration, marketing and enrollment, and development.

Cara's work has enabled the Federation's mission, organization, and programs to become more widely known among Catholics and in the general community. She has developed print and media resources. She also serves as a marketing resource for our local Catholic school boards and is currently developing a commission to focus on marketing and development for Catholic education and schools in North County. As a resident of the community she serves her education, professional experience, and leadership have enhanced the work of the Federation. Her energy, creativity, and initiative are invaluable assets for this organization. Personally and professionally she is an encouragement for all who work with


For all who can envision the future of Catholic education in North County, Cara is most certainly an important part of our reason for hope and our commitment to excellence. We are proud of her work and grateful for the opportunity of serving with her in this mission of our Church.

Father Michael Henning & Miss Jeanne Gearon

Representing the Pastors and Elementary School Principals Serving North County

Wednesday, August 10. 2011