Enrollment Update

Northeast Deanery Catholic Elementary School Enrollment Increases For Second Year

Enrollment Data Demonstrates Stability and Diversity

According to the Archdiocese Office of Pastoral Planning, elementary school enrollment has risen in the Northeast Deanery for the second year, the only area in the Archdiocese to experience an enrollment increase for two years in a row. The eight schools that belong to the Federation of Catholic Schools have a combined total enrollment of 2,064 for the 2012-13 school year, compared with 2,051 in 2011-12, and 2,036 in 2010-11. Kindergarten enrollment is at 252, up from 236 last year. This is the first time since the 2005 reorganization of the Northeast Deanery that the number of students enrolled in Kindergarten (252) is greater than the number of 8th grade students set to graduate this year (241).

Preschool enrollment is also on the rise, with nearly 350 3- and 4-year olds receiving their first school experience at a Federation Catholic school. This number is more than double than the 150 preschoolers who were enrolled at a deanery school in 2005-06.

The Federation has been proactive in maintaining alignment with the Archbishop’s Mission Advancement initiative for Catholic education. The Alive in Christ Scholarship program provided assistance for 95 new students in Kindergarten through 4th grade to enroll in a Federation school. In addition, 93 current students in the deanery remained enrolled thanks to the additional financial help from the program.

"These are all positive signs for Catholic education in our community, and evidence that our commitment to working together, which has been a priority since 2005, is producing good results," said Father Mike Henning, pastor of Holy Name of Jesus parish and pastoral representative for the Federation. “We will continue to build on this success by focusing on more opportunities to collectively grow not only enrollment, but also Catholic identity and academic excellence while embracing diversity and sharing resources.”