Christ, Light of the Nations School Featured in St. Louis Review Article

Post date: Feb 19, 2014 2:49:30 PM

Recently, Christ Light of the Nations School was visited by Jennifer Brinker, reporter for the St. Louis review & Lisa Johnston, New Media Journalist. They were writing an article on Catholic Identity for this week’s issue of the St. Louis Review. They arrived in time to attend our morning prayer in the cafeteria, which was focused on St. Louis, the saint our city was named after. This week St. Louis celebrates its 250th anniversary. Each week the class planning prayer chooses a person who has made a difference. The 7th grade chose St. Louis, as a saint that made a difference.

While the reporters were here they also took part in our weekly birthday blessing for the students whose birthdays

and half birthdays were celebrated this week. They also visited with Sister Mary and Mrs. Dafflitto to speak more about how we live Catholic Identity in our school. Click here to read the article in the St. Louis Review.