Christ Light of the Nations 6th Graders Enjoy Camp

Post date: Apr 29, 2016 7:07:05 PM

6th grade students from Christ Light of the Nations were blessed with a beautiful day at Camp Wyman in Eureka on Monday April 18th. In the morning they worked on building communication and co-operation while performing difficult tasks as a group. Balance, patience and listening to each other were also vital to achieve success on the activities that were built into the side of a hill nestled in a wooded area. The students enjoyed a lunch and then had an afternoon of games such as "toilet tag", "It's just a flesh wound" and an unusual kickball game with crazy variations. The afternoon concluded with a bonfire while we roasted some impressive s'mores. When asked by Sr. Mary if the students enjoyed the day, one student stated "it was the best day of school we ever had!" It can't get any better than that!