Christ Light of the Nations 4th Graders Share Creativity with Younger Students

Post date: Dec 8, 2014 10:11:14 PM

The fourth graders at Christ Light of the Nations School spent the first quarter reading a chapter book and rewriting it into a children's book with illustrations for their first book report of the year. Students read each chapter and summarized the main ideas into a few sentences with a drawing on each page. They tried to rewrite the plot into a format that would be easy for small children to under-stand. Last Monday the fourth grade visited the first grade and shared their books with them. It was a blustery morning, perfect for cuddling up with a good story. The fourth grade was excited to share all of their hard work with others. Thanks to the first graders for being such a wonderful audience.

Fourth graders at Christ Light of the Nations share their creativity with younger students.