Core Values and Achievements

September 2020 Federation Core Values and Achievements

Core Values & Most Significant Achievements

North County Deanery Federation of Catholic Schools


By collaborating in support of excellence in Catholic education for the past 10 years as the Federation of Catholic Schools, the parishes of the North County Deanery have set an example of how an established framework for working together enables –


Through regular planning and leadership meetings, Professional Learning Teams, and collaborative activities,

Pastors, principals, and teachers have established a platform for honest dialogue and professional networking –

  • That fosters a level of connection, moral support in ministry, and professional learning that did not exist before 2010,

  • That creates opportunities for students to live the mission of the Church by giving them experiences rooted in Gospel values, and

  • That is essential for navigating the present and future challenges that Catholic education and the Catholic Church in North County are now facing.

Innovative Academic and Formation Programs

Principals and teachers collaborate on quality programs and activities for students including –

  • Educational technology (Including a $50,000 Beyond Sunday grant for FY21 to support a new shared technology library. This third grant from the Roman Catholic Foundation of Eastern Missouri, representing their total investment of $200,000 in the mission and work of the Federation.

  • Sacramental retreats

  • CatholicFIT (Wholistic health in the context of our Catholic faith)

  • Art exhibitions and music festivals 

  • Parent resources 

  • Diversity and Inclusion initiative and consultant 
The Federation has gained knowledge and experience by collaborating in these areas and more, now creating the potential for expansion to encompass Catholic education and formation from “womb to tomb”.

Good Stewardship

Sharing the expense of collaborative programs and the services of a Director of Advancement and Marketing, together with the opportunity of applying for grants as a collective group, leverages every dollar each parish contributes to the Federation budget.

  • Essential programs such as educational technology and sacramental retreats would be more expensive for parishes, and

  • Access to some programs and grant funding would not be possible as individual schools and parishes. 
Participation by every parish and school in the Deanery creates a sense of solidarity about the importance and value of Catholic education and formation for the North County community.