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Club Days

Federation Hosts Weekly “Club Day”

Each week, more than 90 students from across North County gather at Sacred Heart School in Florissant for an hour of extracurricular learning and fun.  An initiative of the Federation, the weekly Club Day allows children to explore their interests in a fun and creative way with students from the other Federation schools.

Now in it's second semester session, Club Day has been a tremendous success, offering seven courses this round including: It’s All An Act, Zumba, Math 4 Fun, Fun with Math, Creative Writing Workshop, Yarn and Stuff for Beginners, and Pulp, Paper & Poetry.  Each course was offered to a specific age group from 3rd to 8th grade.

Teachers from Federation schools submitted proposals early this year to teach each course and students from across the eight schools were invited to sign up for those courses that most interested them. 

“We felt it was important for our students at the Federation schools to begin building community with students from other schools,” explains Melissa Adney, coordinator for Club Day.

Adney adds, “So many of our schools simply can’t provide a lot of extracurriculars beyond the basics.  These Club Day programs let us offer workshops and courses that would appeal to kids often left out by traditional offerings.” 

The response has been very positive.  “Parents are excited to see their kid exploring interests that go beyond the classroom or the sports field,” Adney notes.

Most courses run between five and ten weeks long.  It is anticipated that additional courses will be offered in the spring semester.

Students are asked to pay a small fee for materials in some courses, but the Federation underwrites the cost of all teachers and other expenses related to Club Day through the generous support of the member parishes.