New School Uniform Plaid Survey & Top 3 Names

posted Jan 5, 2018, 6:46 AM by Cara Koen   [ updated Jan 5, 2018, 9:12 AM ]

January 5, 2018



To:  Teachers, Parents, and Students at St. Ferdinand, St. Norbert and St. Rose Philippine Duchesne


From: Partnership School Parent Advisory Committee


Re: New School Uniform Plaid Options & Top 3 Names

Happy New Year! Just before Christmas the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) met and discussed uniform options for the new partnership school.  Each school has been provided with four samples of plaids for the girls jumper/skirt.  School parents are invited to vote for their favorite plaid using this link:   (Please note, the link will not be active from 10pm 1/5 to 10am 1/6 due to server maintenance at If the link doesn’t work when you click it, please try again later). Female students will be invited to vote for their favorite plaid during the regular school day.  The voting deadline is January 10.

A few notes about the new uniform code:

·        Navy blue pants and shorts will remain the uniform for boys (and girls, if they choose). 

·        Shirt colors will be chosen to coordinate with the plaid. 

·        School principals will determine the uniform code for accessories, socks, shoes, etc.

·        The current P.E. class uniform for each school will be used next year, with no changes expected (and no additional new purchases required for families who already have the P.E./Gym uniform).

·        Since we will have a large number of the current uniform plaid skirts and jumpers, the PAC will organize a service project where families can choose to donate the old uniforms and we will find a worthy organization or school (possibly served by missionaries) to receive the uniform donation. If you have an idea about where these uniforms could be donated, please contact a member of the PAC.

New Name Update:

After receiving over 875 responses to the survey on the options for naming our new partnership school, the following three names were the top 3 choices and were submitted to Archbishop Carlson for review.

·        All Saints Catholic Academy

·        Fleur de Lis Catholic Academy

·        Holy Family Catholic Academy

Whichever name is chosen, it will be followed by: St. Ferdinand Campus, St. Norbert Campus and St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Campus. We will let everyone know when the Archbishop is ready to announce the new name.

The PAC meets again on Thursday, January 11th. If you have any questions or suggestions, please share those with a member of the PAC from your school at any time.   The list of members and prior memos and communication can be found online at