Earl Austin Jr Visits Sacred Heart Holy Name Society Nov. 4

Come join the Sacred Heart Holy Name (Men’s Club)

Monday, November 4th - 7:30 pm in the Sacred Heart Parish Hall (751 N. Jefferson Street, Florissant)

Guest Speaker: Author and Sports Guru - Earl Austin Jr.

Behind every successful young athlete, there is a highly-motivated parent obsessed with the idea of their son or daughter becoming a big sports' star. Earl Austin, Jr.'s latest book, You Might Need a Jacket: Hilarious Stories of Wacky Sports Parents, is dedicated to those mothers, fathers and others who go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure their children's success in the athletic arena. "You Might Need a Jacket: Hilarious Stories of Wacky Sports Parents," is the culmination of more than 20 years of Earl witnessing "Straitjacket Parent" behavior at youth sports events. Earl has seen it all from mothers making bobble head dolls of their children to dads being arrested and taken away in handcuffs from their children's games and everything in between.

If you are a sports fan, parent, or coach. You will be entertained by Earl’s Stories. Everyone is invited. Please call Mark Goldstein 314-323-