Prepare the Way of the Lord - Northeast Deanery Advent and Christmas Events

Prepare for CHRIST through nine days of Prayer. Each night of the Advent novena will begin at 7pm. The sacrament of Reconciliation will be offered each night, immediately following the Novena Service.

Parishes in the Northeast Deanery will be hosting an Advent Novena on the following dates: 
Sun., Dec 13: Fr. Rajpaul, St. Martin DePorres 
Mon., Dec 14: Fr. Jim Mitulski, St. Norbert 
Tues., Dec 15: Fr. Joseph Banden, St. Sabina 
Wed., Dec 16: Fr. Rosy, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta 
Thurs., Dec 17: Fr. O’Brien, Our Lady of Guadalupe 
Fri., Dec 18: Fr. Tom Haley, St. Ferdinand 
Sat., Dec 19: Fr. Mike Henning, Holy Name of Jesus 
Sun., Dec 20: Msgr. Ullrich, Sacred Heart
Mon., Dec. 21: Fr. Tim Henderson, Our Lady of the Rosary

Advent Novena

For more details, check each Parish's weekly bulletin: