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October 2016 E-news
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Second Grade Students Prepare for Reconciliation and Eucharist with Special Retreat Days
2nd Graders Join Hands at Mass
     Thanks to grant funding from The Koch Foundation, a Catholic foundation committed to supporting a variety of evangelization efforts, over 250 2nd grade students from the nine schools in the Federation of Catholic Schools are experiencing a very special retreat day at Pallottine Renewal Center this fall.  On October 3, students from Sacred Heart, St. Angela Merici and St. Ann Normandy were the first group to "get away" from the classroom for a day at the retreat center, where they were led in song, stories, playtime and prayer time by Sister Laura, Sister Adrienne and Sister Guadalupe (Society Devoted to the Sacred Heart).  The Sacred Heart Sisters greeted students and welcomed them in the chapel, then moved to the conference room for a talk about Reconciliation.  After a morning break, the students heard another beautiful story about the Eucharist. Then they enjoyed a delicious lunch of chicken tenders and homemade macaroni and cheese. In the afternoon they worked on a craft activity together, and then celebrated Mass with Fr. RajPaul.  Students from St. Ferdinand, St. Norbert and Our Lady of Guadalupe had their turn to participate in this wonderful day on October 17th.  The third and final group of students from Christ Light of the Nations, St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and St. Sabina PSR will gather at Pallottine Renewal Center on November 3rd.  Click here to view more photos from the retreat days.

Sharing Resources to Enhance Physical Education and Fine Arts for Students

Since the 2010-11 school year, teachers from nine schools in North County have been gathering in Professional Learning Teams, a collaborative program of the Federation of Catholic Schools.  Teachers of the same grade level and/or subject area gather to share best practices and support one another in solving classroom challenges. In addition to proving the opportunity for teachers to share best practices and resources, this also provides an opportunity for community engagement.  Some recent examples include partnerships with SSM Health – DePaul Hospital for the CatholicFIT program, and a curriculum partnership with Jazz St. Louis for music teachers, as well as an opportunity for students to see the live production “New Kid” by Metro Theater. 

For the third year SSM Health DePaul Hospital will sponsor the CatholicFIT program in the spring, where all 3rd and 6th grade students learn about the connection between faith and fitness in their P.E. classes.  Fitness Trainer and Coach Dave Reddy, creator of the program, sees a strong connection between faith and fitness, between spiritual and physical health, and notes that elementary school is an ideal time for kids to start noticing and reflecting on this connection. “CatholicFIT is not about being super holy and/or super fit—it is about offering universal, values-based programs for our children so when they struggle in either area throughout life, they look back upon this experience for guidance and support,” says Reddy. 

New this year, music teachers at the nine schools will learn about the curriculum partnership offered by Jazz St. Louis.  This education and outreach program will provide resources to teachers for incorporating Jazz into the school’s music curriculum.  Music teachers will also have the opportunity to learn from Jazz artist Alvin Atkinson, who will lead a clinic for the teachers in January.

In November, the Federation of Catholic Schools will host the production of “New Kid” by Metro Theater Company at two schools, with students from the other schools attending the performance.  The professionally produced show is a story of an immigrant family and the difficulties they encounter moving into a new community.

Welcome to the Federation St. Ann!
We welcome St. Ann Catholic Church and School as an official member of the Federation of Catholic Schools.  Their teachers have been participating in our PLTs (Professional Learning Teams) for a few years, and now their parochial administrator, Fr. Nick Winker and principal Mr. Jacob Reft will be joining the collaboration of pastors and principals at our quarterly meetings!

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    National Conference for Catholic Education Coming to St. Louis in April 2017
    The National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) is hosting its annual conference in St. Louis in April 2017!  Catholic educators and administrators from across the country and beyond will be coming to our city for this exciting event.  Check out the welcome video that the Archdiocese of St. Louis Catholic Education Office prepared and presented at the conference last spring in San Diego. Follow the #NCEA17 hashtag on Twitter and get ready to learn about all the great things happening at the conference and, more importantly, in Catholic education!

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